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Executive Teams

Delynn assesses the executive team with a variety of tools to pinpoint growth areas for each executive and the larger context of each person’s career and life.

Then she creates a launch event to build teamwork and camaraderie and learn to work with the Enneagram to develop accurate self-awareness. After the initial offsite, Delynn will design subsequent sessions to replace old patterns with new, highly effective practices in communication, feedback, leadership, and productivity. She recommends these sessions at three- to six-month intervals to refine and expand responsibility, conscious leadership and enhanced team relationships.

Using the Enneagram for Teams, Delynn helps foster...

  • Honest, healthy, open communication
  • Clarity and respect for each player's unique contribution
  • Dynamic natural collaboration, cooperation and commitment
  • Personal responsibility
  • Issues clearing and open conversation
  • Understanding and appreciating each other's capabilities
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See what others have to say about Delynn and working with Executive teams
“We brought Kaley and Delynn in to better understand ourselves, our personalities, our effect on those around us, and help us become better leaders. The Enneagram has resonated immediately, in no small part because of Delynn and Kaley.”
Dave Wiskel
President & CEO, A.P. Plasman Inc
“From our top executives and terminal managers to our dispatchers and shop managers, all supervisors in our company have attended workshops led by Delynn and Kaley, and the results have been nothing short of astonishing.”
Greg Hodgen
President, Groendyke Transport
“Delynn completely understands YPO members and YPO Forum. But much more than that, her skills and talents in bringing about transformation for members and forums are exceptional. The exercises and knowledge she brings has been gathered over many years of specific experience and a relentless, ongoing pursuit of continuing education to the field of group facilitation and personal development work.”
Frank Buonanotte
Southern 7 YPO/WPO
“Delynn is an exceptionally gifted facilitator, and under her guidance our Forum has reached significantly deeper levels of sharing, openness, and trust. Delynn has guided us regularly through many types of formal "trainings" e.g. the Enneagram and other models, but what most distinguishes her leadership of our group is her ability to guide us through the less formal moments of updates, presentations, general discussion, and sharing.”
Jon Callaghan
YPO Barbary Coast Chapter
“My work with Delynn has really been a journey of self-awareness, personal growth, alignment, transitions, and challenges. The journey has not always been easy, but it has been rewarding, fun and humbling. I am grateful for for Delynn’s help and guidance over the past seven years.  My work will continue and would recommend her to any forum or individual who wants to grow and live in a more meaningful way.”
Dean Darby
Delynn has served as my personal coach for nearly five years and I have participated in three Authentic Living Retreats she has conducted. As the de facto leader of a 3rd generation family business facing challenges related to family, friends, career, and personal well being, I have benefited from Delynn's guidance.
Tiffany Sewell-Howard
Business Owner